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BeyondNDA exists in order to stop the madness of every company signing an NDA with every other company for basic confidentiality protections. Companies should be able to have a baseline expectation of fairness and trust when dealing with each other without needing lawyers and negotiations. Our laws unfortunately don’t allow this. Even worse, our laws actually punish companies who proceed without an NDA in place. For very sensitive information, the investment in time and money required to establish a tailored NDA may make sense, but for pre-sales conversations and other pre-agreement exchanges of normal confidential information, it does not make sense to require thousands of NDAs to be signed each year. BeyondNDA uses the Fabric of Confidentiality to eliminate the need for all of these useless NDAs being signed every year.

Our goal is No More NDAs!

Designed by a Chief Legal Officer

BeyondNDA is the idea of Ilan Hornstein. An electrical engineer by training who later became a lawyer, Ilan has over 20 years of experience in business and as a legal executive. Ilan has always looked for ways to improve efficiency and eliminate waste in legal processes. He saw an opportunity to use the unique properties of the blockchain, coupled with ancient and solid legal principles, to finally eliminate a giant waste of time and money: useless NDAs!

Ilan hopes you will join us to usher in a new era of business where companies can skip the NDA and get straight down to business.

Ilan Hornstein
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BeyondNDA was created in cooperation with our Technology Partner Codespot, which specializes in helping companies to bring the latest technology to the market. Codespot is committed to supporting technology initiatives that drive innovation and generate value. It develops and delivers software that fundamentally changes the performance and has a significant impact on the business and user experience. 

We do software magic

Based on our experience and market knowledge, we focus our activities on a few selected areas:

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